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Your Fizz-Giz kit contains everything you need to carbonate your own drinks right in the bottle. Just load the food grade CO2 cartridge into the pressure regulated CO2 dispenser. Cap your bottle with a Fizz Giz cap. Squeeze it slightly to burp the excess air from the bottle before tightening the cap. Invert the bottle, insert the nozzle tip into the guidehole in the center and press the thumb button. When the bubbles slow down to a trickle, release the thumb button to stop dispensing and shake the bottle vigorously to dissolve the CO2 you just put in there. It's all in the wrist. Agitation dissolves the fizzies into the liquid more quickly. Repeat if necessary. The bottle will remain taut & firm when you're done. The kit comes with a CO2 dispenser, 2 caps, a disposable cartridge and it is only $34.95.


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